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25-Apr-2020 04:00

Their dating landscape has changed from those of previous generations because of the inclusion of social media and texting and the influence of a young-adult hook-up culture that fast-forwards to casual sex.

So how do we help guide our teens toward healthy, God-honoring relationships?

The same boundaries can help keep modern teens’ actions in check and safeguard their hearts, minds and bodies from regret and hurt.

Parents really can harness the best of today’s and yesteryear’s customs.

Teens need someone to listen to them, love them and walk with them through the process of establishing healthy relationships.

What a wonderful lifelong gift we give our teens when we become that someone for them.

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“I’ve never met him, and I don’t know what they do online, but it makes me uncomfortable.” This friend expressed the same confusion and concern that many parents experience about the teen dating scene.Texting, though not the ideal form of social communication, has a positive side.It allows teens to spend time getting to know each other apart from the physical side of a relationship.For those teens allowed to use age-appropriate social media, parents and teens can quickly learn about people’s character and values based on what they post on their social media.

These searches can be used to start discussions about the qualities of a future mate and what teens are looking for in a boyfriend or girlfriend.They needed to let their parents know where they were going and what they were doing — and with whom.