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Prices may vary considerably depending upon the amount and style of engraving. Straight soprano 00 Curved soprano 00 Alto $ 2100 Tenor $ 2800 Baritone $ 3000 Bass $ 7500 “TRANSITIONAL” 240XXX – 260XXX You’ll see these with different keywork styles, and almost always with elaborate engraving. The Conqueror series (26M and 30M) have very elaborate adjustment mechanisms and solid silver key touches.The Constellation 28M alto has three octave vents and the best feeling mechanism around, along with a high tech (for the era) plastic key guard.I believe that the models before the Balanced Action are overpriced.You can buy two wonderful old Conns for what some people are asking for Selmers of the same era.There are, of course, a very few Super 20 baritones, some with silver necks (add 15%) and I have seen one with a silver bell.I think the Kings have strong upside appreciation potential.COUF From 1965 until 1988, these fine German horns (manufactured by J. I understand there were a few made with sterling silver bells.

I’ve seen some 400 baris, but none with top hat and cane engraving or other distinctive features of this series. Alto $ 2300 Tenor $ 3500 Baritone 00 BUFFET SUPER DYNACTION This is the first Buffet horn you’re likely to see. These treasures should be priced like Selmers from the same era, but they’re not. Alto $ 2000 Tenor $ 2400 Soprano 00 Baritone 00 S-1 If there was ever a near perfect design, I think this it.

Saxello soprano $ 3200 add 15% for gold plate Alto Zephyr 00 Alto Zephyr Spcl. All of the Martin horns have a sweet sound, and a very lush lower end.

00 add 15% for silver neck Alto Super 20 00 see above commentary for adjustments Tenor Zephyr $ 2400 Tenor Zephyr Spcl $ 3000 add 15% for silver neck Tenor Super 20 $ 3400 see above commentary for adjustments Baritone Zephyr $ 2900 Baritone Super 20 $ 4000 MARTIN These horns are under appreciated . Play one in good adjustment and you’ll see what I mean. The horns from 1933 (Handcraft Committee) through the early 60’s (the Magna) can hold their own with anything ever made.

Relacquers are generally worth 25% less than 100% originals.

BUESCHER TRUE TONE 5XXX – 254XXX These are very common horns, which play rather nicely when set up properly.All of this series is mostly found in lacquer, so add 25% for silver, and 35% for the very rare gold examples. They have quite a cult following today, and with good reason.

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