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04-Sep-2020 02:45

i open this topic beacause i can't find technical info about these mpcs on web.

i heard people saying that Heim 2 is equal to bach 10-1/2 and people saying that Heim 2 is equal to bach 7C...

someone told me that Heim 1 is quite larger than Heim 2 and someone else told the opposite...

i'm confused..._________________"sharing knowledge is as important as drinking water"The hiem 1 that I have is smaller than most 10 1/2 C mouthpieces that I have.

A fair amount of speculation, but that is what I see._________________Mouthpiece Maker vintage Trumpet design enthusiast of my posts are done with my phone on the fly, and it will sometimes auto-correct in some pretty unusual ways. Anyway, I have a Heim 1 and it is one of my favorite mouthpieces I've ever played. I just know it is super comfortable, and the blow works magically with my M Bore Martin._________________Ska/Reggae - The Selectones New Orleans Funk - The Big Lagniappe Blues/R&B - Cadillac Groove Raw Brass HB2 - GR 65S-B Gen II ACB Doubler Flugel - Curry 5FL Boss PW-10 V-Wah | Electro-Harmonix Memory Man w/ Hazarai | Mooer Shimverb Pro[/quote] I have a Heim 1 and it is one of my favorite mouthpieces I've ever played. I just know it is super comfortable, and the blow works magically with my M Bore Martin.[/quote] Do you have an early Heim 1 or the more recent Holton, which everyone seems to say is a lot smaller than a 5..._________________Dan Pearlman Santa Fe, NM - Monette Cornette - Monette Classic Cornet - Carolbrass Pocket Trumpet - Monette mouthpieces I honestly have no idea. It's gold plated with some sort of blue-ish "tarnish" to it.

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actually i'm playing with Heim 2 and i think that it's a amazing mpc but there is a little problem: i usually play with bach 5C/5B so this Heim 2 is really small for simply has "FRANK HOLTON & CO" "HEIM MODEL" with an inner diameter of .620 or so with a deep V shape and a flat rim, very small in height and weight.I think it's from the 30s and seems to follow the description of the #1. It is marked a 2C but in the terminology we are more used to it would be a C-2.

The C signifies it has a Chambers cup (as in James Chambers, longtime Principal Horn of the New York Philharmonic) with a number 2 bore.

[This number being the size of drill used to make the hole in a numbered drill set; 1 is the largest of these numbered drills and horn mouthpieces are rarely made with a bore smaller than number 18.] I believe this mouthpiece to date from sometime around 1950.

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