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Injuries from suture needles occur most frequently and are involved in as many as 77% of injuries.These injuries typically occur while using fingers to manipulate needle and tissue during suturing of muscle and fascia.Data show that the risk of a sharps injury begins at the moment sharps are first exposed and ends once sharps are permanently removed from exposure in the work environment.Therefore, to promote safe work practices, healthcare personnel need to have an awareness of the risk of injury throughout the time sharps are exposed.Part III: Safe Work Practices HHS Logo and CDC Logo A Program designed for: Infection Control & Occupational Health Personnel, Healthcare Administrators, Sharps Injury Prevention Committees Speaker Notes: [Note to presenter: Feel free to discard slides or information to tailor this slide set to your particular organizations needs.] Slide 2 Speaker Notes: In Part II of this slide set series, we discussed a primary method of reducing sharps injuries.

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If possible, endoscopic surgery may be preferable to open surgery.Personnel also continue to be injured by the improper disposal of used sharps.These injuries occur when sharps are left in unusual locations such as laundry or linens or are stuck in mattresses, left in pockets, or left on tables, trays, or other surfaces.Slide 3 Pie chart: Undetermined 18%, Nonpreventable 18%, Preventable 64% (Unnecessary needle use 15%, safer needle device available 26%, Improper safety device activation 6%, Unsafe work practice 7%, Improper disposal 9%, Other 1%) Speaker Notes: Here, data from CDCs National Surveillance System for Healthcare Workers (or Na SH) show that most, but not all injuries, could have been averted.

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This holds true even if unnecessary needle use was eliminated, or if a safer needle device was used.

This next section will focus on the role that you can play in this prevention effort.

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