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31-Jan-2020 09:53

Not sure if he’s just getting lazy or just so busy that me taking over all the planning is one less thing he has to worry about. But I’m not sure I want to be the one taking all the initiative?He looks forward to us spending time together and we get along great. Is this what it’s like dating a single dad, or is it just THIS single dad? Your question isn’t specific to divorced dads but it is endemic to divorced dads. Because single dads have a very valid built-in excuse for why their limited attention is all they can give.Because he’s a very involved father, we don’t get to see each other often, which I’m fine with; I wouldn’t even date him if he wasn’t an involved dad.Sometimes a few days will go by and I wouldn’t hear from him, and it seems lately I’ve been making all of the plans.He also does pretty much 100% of the setting up of time to see each other and making of plans.I give these details because I think this is a huge part of our situation is going so well.

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So it’s not that I don’t believe him — or any man — who has important parental obligations that come first, but rather, I believe my own rule about guys: “men do what they want.”If he wants to call, he’ll call. If he wants to make plans with you, he’ll make plans with you. And if he doesn’t — if you’re the easygoing, patient, “I totally-understand-you’re-a-single-dad” woman who is not getting her relationship needs met, you need to tell him just that.“Hey, Dan, it’s been fun getting to know you these past few months.The man I’m dating, however, texts or phones me every day.He does 99% of the initiating of contact; in fact, I think I have only initiated contact 2 or 3 times.It’s a shift in perception which I, and I think certainly most people without children, are not used to. But he should not make you feel like you come last and that you’re not worthy of his time and effort.

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I know how important my guy’s kids are to him, but he always makes me feel like I am important (not first priority, but important enough).

But at the same time, on other levels dating as a father isn’t any different than dating without children.