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29-Aug-2020 23:09

He helped with her so much, but you could tell it’s weird for him when he’s there. Probably because he has watched my dad with Ali and he knows it’s socially acceptable to be a good dad here in the USA.Another thing I didn’t think about too much was racism.The weirdest thing for me is that he will cook typical Nicaraugan food (which I like) but he won’t do it unless I’m standing beside him in the kitchen… It’s like he’s embarrassed to be in the kitchen by himself.He won’t even warm up left-overs in the microwave by himself.. but after three years of marriage, he is just starting to do this. He washed his own clothes in Nicaragua and helped wash mine & Ali’s.It’s harder than other places, but there’s a few major benefits, too.Mainly that the hottest women in Nicaragua aren’t used to dating foreigners, so your value is sky high.It was one of the most frightening things that I have ever witnessed. At one point I lived in a brick house with a “sin” roof that was so hot it made the beans go bad day after day (they usually last a week if you boil them everytime you take some from the pot)..

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I’ve also been with him when he was accused of stealing stuff because of his color (& they said that exactly). I guess being white I haven’t really had to deal with this before.After he finished high school he went to live with his aunt while he studied in Honduras and he did even more chores there for all of his older cousins and also took care of a baby (another thing men would NEVER do)..