Dating a guy who wears briefs

08-Dec-2020 07:40

I might even throw in a few sightings, experiences etc. Mmmmmmm, today's pics re some of my favourite guys..model Chad White in the first, then followed up by the always gorgeous Channing Tatum in the 2nd and 3rd pics and then Chip from the Amazing Race a.k.a one of the many Reichen ex's.

I've already gone a week without a post, not so good so far..

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If a guy really likes it, it would be different to create men’s underware modeled after women’s – whether it be through the fabrics or the designs.

Those are not tailored for women, they adopted the entire look from male underwear. On top of it, I replied specifically to the people that said it was Creepy. For what reason would a male wear a female’s skivvies?

A woman wears boxers for comfort and more coverage, normally over her drawers, but as just a thing to do, I’m not so sure.

However Robert Pattinson was filmed getting into a car and his pants were a little low, making it very clear to see that he was actually wearing red briefs.

This poll is for all those guys--men and boys--who, in spite of all the other underwear choices out there, still like to "gird their loins" with basic white briefs (aka "tighty-whities). All right, I’m going to be the complete and utter pervert and say that I think men in women’s underwear is absolutely hot. My ultimate goal is to get my boyfriend to dress like Dr. Women wear tights now, which never used to be the case.