Dating a celebrity dream meaning

26-Feb-2020 14:28

"Whenever you love somebody, there's a little bit of yourself that you leave with them," Kelly says.

"And sometimes these dreams about sex with an ex are an attempt to help get that energy back because it belongs to you." "Being a celebrity is a symbol unto itself," she says.

So that we can come to peace with that." So don't fret if you've recently had a dream (or recurring dream) about that jerk who broke your heart.

He or she is just a symbol inside your mind that you're using to get better adjusted and more grounded.

The people we have sex with in dreams are symbols or representations of ourselves -- NOT necessarily people we'd actually want to sleep with.

"If it's somebody that you work with, it's like you're breaking down the walls, the barriers of the ego of connecting with them and usually with the intent that it make you more productive, more powerful, and more integrated [at work]," Kelly says.

Perhaps you think you've known the stranger for years, maybe you think the person you know is someone else entirely.

It varies wildly from dream to dream—person to person.

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That's why experiencing love in a dream can be so harsh. There are two types of love people experience in dreams: they fall in love with a stranger or they fall in love with someone they know.

Your mind generates a romantic scenario and fills it with your friend from back home, a stranger you passed in the grocery store, a stunning celebrity, or that person you've had a crush on for years.

People typically respond to falling in love in dreams well, since they discern what's real and move on. They yearn to relive the deep euphoria of love or desire to connect with someone as well as with their dream partner.

"It doesn't necessarily mean that you're the type to sleep your way to the top," Kelly says.

"Dreams of sleeping with your boss could represent that you are craving an intimate connection with the leadership aspect of you.

"Some people may be having these dreams if they'd ever experienced something similar to these in their waking reality," she says.

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