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Jones has broken the law against adults discussing sex with minors over the internet. Jones—he wasn’t discussing sex with a minor, he was discussing sex with an adult pretending to be a minor.Of course, he didn’t realize the adult was a detective—he didn’t even know what gender the adult was, much less their occupation—but he was playing a character version of himself, confident he was talking and corresponding with an adult playing the character called “Missy.” He didn’t want to talk about sex with a kid, he says, much less have sex with a kid. Jones on trial, accusing him of grooming a would-be minor for illegal sexual contact—which, although he hadn’t arranged, nor attempted to arrange, they claim he wanted to arrange. He was put on trial for what he was supposedly thinking. As an expert witness, I was asked dozens of questions about fantasy role-playing—which of course many adults do in various ways.Your attempt to heighten outrage by switching the genders (real and imagined) actually weakens the outrage, in my decades of life experience.I mean, seriously, as a former teenage boy myself, I would’ve totally been into a MILF-type sexting me even if she thought I was really just a fantasy role-playing adult.One day, out of the clear blue sky, police arrest the real Mr.Jones: it turns out that “Missy” is actually a police detective who was hanging out in the chatroom, and Mr.But, yeah, I’m probably the only teenage boy who would’ve felt that way.

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Don't worry though if you dare to speak out you can guarantee some pathetic dude boy will label you a "prude" and accuse you of having sexual fantasies.

He discusses how one day she’s going to be sexual with men, and therefore he helpfully instructs “Missy” to put her fingers in her vagina, practice sucking them, etc..