Check remote servers when validating email addresses Women online webcam free 1 to 1

27-Apr-2020 14:23

Comodo will send a mail to this address which contains a validation link and a unique validation code.

You can confirm domain control by clicking the link and following the instructions on the page that this link opens.

With Exim installed, I could just do a "sendmail -bv [hidden email]" and check the exit code.

Use built-in connector validation to test whether a connector is set up correctly and fix any mail flow issues before you turn the connector on.*shrug* -- Mike Cardwell https://https://Open PGP Key 35BC AF1D 3AA2 1F84 3DC3 B0CF 70A5 F512 0018 461F XMPP OTR Key 8924 B06A 7917 AAF3 DBB1 BF1B 295C 3C78 3EF1 46B4 does it at least. You know, the program whose name appears in "sendmail -bv".