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Both of her parents were businessmen, but they were fond of music at the same time.

She starred as a model and a singer and then she glorified her name one more time, when had become a classy and elegant First Lady of France. Carla Bruni spent her early years in a rich and friendly Italian family.

This time, both are hoping that no divorce would ever happen again, despite the fact that their relationship was victim of many issues of infidelity and scandals.

Former Prime Minister Sarkozy’s mother even said that she grew tired of so many brides.

They got married at Elysee Palace in Paris, on February 8, 2008.

While Carla has had a lot of her previous bad relationships, former Prime Minister Sarkozy also had more than one divorced marriages as well, before he even met Bruni.

Justine Levy’s successful novel, Rien de Grave (Nothing Serious), was said to be based on her love story with Raphael, and the antagonist of the same novel was based on Bruni herself.

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After a month of courtship, the couple announced their wedding.This soured the friendship of the two rock stars, who were friends during that time.But Mick and Carla’s relationship was unstable because he was married to actress Jerry Hall and it ended after a few years.Most of her relationships were short-lived and scandalous.

Bruni dated the rockstar Eric Clapton, who called her the love of his life, but their relationship ended shortly after when she was introduced to the Rolling stones vocalist, Mick Jagger.

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