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11-Dec-2019 03:11

“I find that the government has intimidated and improperly influenced the three witnesses critical to Mr.

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“It was beyond description, and to me, the most important thing was he finally cleared the air, cleared the name of Broadcom,” Samueli said. Prosecutors can appeal the dismissal of Nicholas’ indictment, but Ruehle, 67, cannot be tried again because it would be double jeopardy.

By making it seem as if stock option grants occurred on dates when Broadcom stock was trading at a comparatively low per share price, stock option grant recipients were able to exercise their stock option grants at exercise prices that were lower than the fair market value of Broadcom stock on the day the options were actually granted. Plaintiffs’ counsel continued to pursue claims against William J.

Ruehle, Broadcom’s former Chief Financial Officer, Henry T.

SANTA ANA — A federal judge Tuesday dismissed all charges against the remaining two defendants in the government’s sweeping securities fraud case against chip maker Broadcom, citing what he called “shameful” prosecutorial misconduct and a lack of evidence.

The dismissals were a stunning reversal that elicited gasps from the courtroom and tears from Broadcom’s former chief financial officer and former CEO, who had faced the prospect of years in prison if convicted. U. District Judge Cormac Carney dismissed the charges two days before the jury was to begin deliberations for former CFO William Ruehle, who had pleaded not guilty to 14 counts of fraud and conspiracy related to stock-option backdating.Legal experts following the case said the judge’s actions were astonishing and showed he was deeply disturbed by the government’s alleged misconduct.