Blackberry manager last contact time not updating

19-Nov-2019 20:57

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The KEYone is chunky and is a bit difficult to hold.Typing with one hand on the physical keyboard is also a pain.

The soft-touch finish feels like it was ripped off of the good ol' OG Nexus 7.At 180 grams (6.35 ounces for you Imperial folks), the KEYone gets quite heavy in the hand after prolonged usage.See, I have this odd tendency to support phones with my little finger while I'm using them; Black Berry has made me decide to try to break that habit.To give you some perspective on the KEYone and its design, the marketing materials say that the phone is "Distinctly different.

Distinctly Black Berry." That last part, and to an extent the first, is quite true.And even though it's only 180 grams, the KEYone feels very dense and heavy.