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18-Oct-2020 05:15

"It goes without saying that relationships happen here," says Tom.

"But Azn Lover's real mission is to help debunk the common stereotypes associated with Asian males, to provide community between people with similar issues, questions and curiosities, and to foster interaction between females of all races and Asian males, so that they realize that, yes, they too are 'sought after items.'" Some who sign up for the site are women already part of AM/XF couples, seeking to become more informed on the cultural and social issues that they're confronting, and to connect with females in a similar situation.

One day, it all came flooding out — we admitted to each other that the pull was there. " For Asian American men, Azn Lover feels like a kind of parallel dimension, where their status is inverted: Rather than being exiled to the margins, Asian males are at the center of this particular universe; not just "accepted," but revered.

"I love the fact that people on the site acknowledge the beauty in Asian men," says Harry Li, a Malaysian American member living in Texas.

And interracial couples with Asian partners are increasingly depicted in movies, TV and other popular entertainment, to the point where their racial differences are often not even germane to their characters' storylines.

What many commentators have pointed out, of course, is that both the numbers and popular culture reflect a reality in which only half the Asian American community — the female half — are players.

And it's too bad, because I'm attracted to Asian men, and I think black female / Asian male couples are beautiful.

It's messed up that many Asian American men dismiss women of other races.

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Statistics support the notion that interracial relationships are on the rise in the Asian American community: Mixed couples represented over a quarter of all marriages among Asian Americans in 1980, and over a third of Asian American marriages in 2006."I joined the site to find like-minded individuals who understood my love of Asian men," says Elizabeth.