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Archaeology majors are eligible to apply for honors candidacy.The thesis is due in early May of the senior year and is read by the candidate's adviser and a second reader appointed by the undergraduate committee.Archaeological skills include archaeological formation processes, botanical analysis, cartography, ceramic analysis, dating methods, faunal analysis, geographic information systems, geology, geophysics, genetics, osteology, remote sensing, soil chemistry, and statistics.With the approval of the instructor and Archaeology director, undergraduates may fulfill part of this requirement from graduate-level courses (typically courses with catalog numbers of 200 or higher).Courses other than those on this list can be used to fulfill this requirement with prior approval of the student's faculty adviser and program director.With the approval of instructor, undergraduates may fulfill part of this requirement from graduate-level courses, typically courses numbered 200 or higher.Students may begin honors research from a number of starting points, including topics introduced in the core or upper-division courses, independent interests, research on artifacts in Stanford's collections, or fieldwork experiences.

Students should declare by the beginning of their junior year.

Archaeology, or archeology, is the study of human activity through the recovery and analysis of material culture.