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Find out how to get started with this powerful package. NOLU Call me a revisionist old fogey but I would have thought it would have been a good Idea of Mr Heseltlne to make a visit to our own dear David Pleasance and, over a pint In the local, discuss the possibilities of making Amiga UK a going concern for the future.

'Pe* v “-£2* ¦ "•ate Coverdisk B: Alien Breed 3D and Death Mask p138 £ i f All 1Mb Amiga ' Hi AUEM BREED 3D: Exclusive dtmo of Team 171 nmrio Mi Doom buster DEATH MASK: Rej OKt as you i the corridors of Exclusive new 1 Stalk an eerie alien enemy around a maze of corridors in these exclusive demos of the two leading Doom-style games for the Amiga. It could well be an idea to have a domestic personal computer, alongside the Archimedes and Amstrad that could be used at the cutting edge of the Information Superhighway.

SMB and SCSI-II interface, allowing up to six additional peripherals CD32 EMULATION ? ....£159 Quad - Speed Quad - Speed cd-rom £299 cd-rom £259 • ukoni Trade and Educational orders welcome - Worldwide distribution available All pnces include VAT Specifications and pnces are subject to change without notice, ail trademarks acknowledged All orders in writing or Usep Nye wi be accepted only subject to our terms and conditions of trade copies of wh h are latfc free of Charge ex' rr Quttt Next Day £5.00 2-3 Days £2.50 Saturday £10.00 Deliveries are subject to stock availability Allow up to 7 days for cheques to clear TELEPHONE 01234 273000 r POWER COMPUTING LTD 44a b Stanley St. Ecall Fax modem software Infonexus NEW ..£25.95 Trap Fax ...£49.95 Video Back-up System Phono £54.95 Video Back-up System Scarf £57.95 Directory Opus 5 £49.95 Da r o wa r e Squirrel SCSI Interface ....£64.95 Video Backup System Phono cable £54.95 Backs Up Hard Drives Onto Standard VHS Videos Video Back-up System Scarf cable £57.95 Vidi Amiga 12 AGA ......£64.95 Vidi 12 Real Time ......£149.95 Vidi 24 Real Time ......£209.95 High Quality 24 Bit Real-Time Frame Grabber Picasso 2 2Mb 8 TV Paint Junior £289.95 High Quality, Fast 24 Bit Graphics Card Tabby Graphics Tablet ....£57.95 A5 Graphics Tablet - Great With Bhtliance. Unique features such as Fast Draw™ on screen drawing tools (to generate boxes, borders, lines and arrows etc.) and Perfect Print™ (an advanced Release 3 Hard drive compulsory', this new program is for power users wanting ihe ultimate performance. Excellent output is guaranteed utilising Pcrfect Print™ and you'll also benefit from a host of other advanced features including... Release 3 includes 100 quality clip art files and 120 outline fonts and, when you register with ” 1 Soft Wood. Final Writer™ Rel 3 requires any Amiga running Workbench 2 or 3 with a hard disk drive and a minimum of 2Mb. Column widths can always be adjusted, to suit your requirements, by simply dragging their borders with the mouse.

To be connected, for example: Syquest Drives, Hard Drives, NUMBER OF SUPPORTABLE DEVICES 7 1 OR 2 Flatbed Scanners and Dat Drives. The CD-ROM comes with a SCSI interface, PSU, manual, 12 MONTHS WARRANTY ? Audio lead, mains lead* and software: Audio CD, CD32 COMPLETE WITH UTILITY SOFTWARE ? Emulation, MPEG Film Decoder and Photo CD software. Bedford MK4I 7RW Tel 0 I 234 273000 Fax 0 I 234 352207 VIPER VIPER 68030 SERIES RAM Up to SMB (Viper 1) 128MB (Viper 2 ) Full Kickstart Remapping Optional SCSI-11 adaptor On-board battery backed clock 68882 Co-processor Instruction and data burst modes Viper-I 28MHz Viper-I 33-42MHz PC'. FPU upto SOM Hz PGA PLCC, FPU upto 50MHz Bare Board ...£115.95 Bare Board ...£169.95 4MB Viper____£249.95 4MB Viper £299.95 8MB Viper____£399.95 8MB Viper £439.95 Viper -2 28MHz Viper -2 40MHz EC PLCC only. Personal Paint, Etc Power Floppy Drive ......£49.95 mmmmma Big Alternative Scroller 2 ..£49.95 Can Do 3 ..£229.95 Media Point v3 ..£249.95 Montage 24 £259.95 Scala HT100 £49.95 Scala MM211 New Lower Price £94.95 Scala MM300New Lower Price 219.95 Scala MM400 ...£249.95 Scala Echo EE100 ......£139.95 Pacxage Deal - Save £39.95 ! • Text Blocks1'1 which position text at any size, angle and position on the page. Data is then entered into "cells" and Final Data"' even detects entries of invalid dates etc. Screen totals are available as options on all amounts and calculations (numbers can also be formatted with currency signs and commas - again you can decide).

TFX p50 Ocean's long-awaited flight sim finally gets an airing. HBS= - Cm*m* «__JZ «* *• _ ¦ = i r i * «* - - »¦ r--:ac4 ttm 1 TUTORIALS AMOS Professional 116 Jason Holborn explains how to make your game-coding life easier by using the AMOS data structures. Just think, a UK-produced home computer for under £500 that had an operating system that could already do most of the things that the other big O Ss are fighting over?

AF OFFERS Special Offers 128 Back Issues 131 Books 132 Subscriptions 133 Educational Software 134 Serial link feature p28 Turn on, tune in and link up for the ultimate multi-player gaming thrill. Buying one of our magazines is like joining a nationwide user group. More pages, better quality - magazines you can trust. A non- I mould haue thought it mould haue been a good idea for Mr Heseltine to pay a uisit to Dauid Pleasance. This notion of supporting native Industries with Government clout does rather go against the current trend for...

All that plus loads of reviews and tutorials to help you make the most of your Amiga. Your guarantee of value 9 770957 486042 Next Day £5.00 2-3 Days £2.50 Saturday £10.00 Deliveries are subject to stock availability Allow up to 7 days for cheques to clear POWER COMPUTING LTD 44a b Stanley St. Comes with Dice GS C compiler, Devpac GS assembler, custom libraries, and an excellent manual. Final Copy ir Release 2 Ease and speed of use w ith total control of the final printed presentation is available on your floppy based Amiga system right now for only £49.95 inc. Designed lo gel Ihe mosl oul of an Amiga floppy drive based syslem.

Bedford MK4I 7RW Tel 01234 27304 352207 TELEPHONE I 234 273 Hi VISA CD-ROM £199 x2 CD-ROM DOUBLE SPEED CD ROM £299 x4 CD-ROM QUAD SPEED CD ROM o or i I ¦ SCSI Connectors Audio In Out IIOv 240v SCSI ID Cooling SCSI Switch Fan Connectors Audio In Out POWER CD-ROM ¦ COMPARISON CHART The new Power CD-ROM for the Amiga 600 1200 plugs POWER OTHER DOUBLE SPEED, MULTI SESSION " l - directly into the PCMCIA port and provides a direct SCSI-1 MAX TRANSFER (INTERFACE) 3MB I. £79.95 Amos Professional £29.95 Amos Pro Compiler ......£24.95 Cygnus Ed Pro 3.5 £59.95 Dev Pac 3 ...£51.95 Hisoft BASIC 2 ...£54.95 Intos ......£25.95 Intuition based system for use with AMOS Pascal .....£74.95 m Cashbook Combo £59.99 Digita Home Office ......£39.95 Money Matters ...£34.99 Personal Finance Manager ......£19.95 System 3E .£49.99 Turbocalc 2 .£49.95 Amiback ..... ..£29.95 Disk Expander ...£29.95 Gigamem ...£47.95 GP Fax ...... Final Copy lln' offers more than just word processing (al which il naturally excels) and opens up a world where 'how ihe document looks' is as important as 'what the document says'. Your new database will appear as a table with rows and columns allowing you to view whole ranges of data at the same time.

PC88I A500 ...£30.95 PC882 A2000 ..£30.95 PC883 A600 I200 . ....£35.95 All products have a 12 month warranty unless otherwise specified Trade and Educational orders welcome - Worldwide distribution available SERIOUSLY AMIGA AMIGA NEWS Why is console guru Richard Darling looking towards the Amiga? Main Buy-out latest There's a new player in the Commodore buy-out stakes. Melody maker p20 Introduction 85 Piccolo SD64 87 When is a PC graphics card not a PC graphics card? But can it hope to compete with the new contenders? To set up a Final Data'"' database, you won't be confronted by an array of 1~ unfamiliar commands, simply define a column for each sort of information you want to keep eg. Final Calc'" I Please Tick I if required) I Curd Authorisation Signature:) Soft Wt Mri Credit Debit Card Expiry Date: Daytime telephone:_________________________ Evening telephone:___ i Please rush mel | Please charge my credit debit card as detailed below and rush me my new Soft Wood software (Please Tick as required! Final Copy II UK £49.95 [ ] Final Copy II Overseas £59.95 Final Writer UK £74.95 | | Final Wrucr Overseas £84.95 Final Datu UK £39.95 j Final Daiti Overseas £49.95 Credit Debit Card No.: [ II I Cheque Bank Draft Postal Order for £______-L_____payable lo Soft Wood Products Europe... PLEASE RETURN THIS ORDER FORM TO: Soft Wood Products Europe. Alfreltm, Derbyshire DESS 7BP or EAX us on 40 c UTl f County (Country if overseas):_____________________ _ Postcode: Issue No.CD-ROM round-up 103 Thousands of megabytes of Amiga graphics, utilities and games reviewed and rated in our comprehensive round-up. REBOI ¦ni THE Ul In the scramble for picking clean the bones of computer giant, a surprise new candidate ha orward.10 Out Of 10 Driving Test 108 Can an Amiga and a couple of disks really help you with a three-point turn? 10 Out Of 10 German 108 Using an Amiga can make learning fun. PLAY Page 35 Super Skidmarks 2 p44 Have Acid created the greatest ever racing game? Can Commodore UK finally confc cr.and save the Amiga by buying thi in :lic llri - l»ir« merit iiuuu Li Hu ch r. W „,;i ..cumu' ' Ihr ui.m Ii ullci Indiraly cxj N-nt |r! '*-r i Mdlt HMUl ( Jlll Mll Mt Ixnill 1 *Ik- tun as anybody heard anything on the Nine O’clock News about the Government's Department For Information Technology getting together with the Department Of Trade And Industry to help out a brand new UK-based computer manufacturer based In Maidenhead and using a name like AMIGA or like, erm, something? For a start we don’t have a Department Of Information Technology. This latest technology has not just revolutionised the world of print, but has opened the floodgates to an explosion in communication possibilities throughout the world. DE55 7BP Telephone: 06 Facsimile: 40 Soft Wood products their highest accolades, all over the world. Soft Wood have the perfect solution for your requirements.

Through the adoption of computer generated text as a new standard, complicated layouts and designs can now be generated and printed at the touch of a few keys right on your desktop. Archiving and record keeping works hand in hand with these new methods of processing text and allows far faster data retrieval than ever before.

- allows you to connect disconnect at any time the Power FULLY SUPPORTS ‘HOT UN-PLUG’ ? 11*) • Uses 1 x 32 SIMM • Amiga Format Gold award • Expand upto 8MB 2mb £139.00 4mb £189.00 8mb £329.00 XL 1.76MB The XL Drive 1.76MB measures half the height of a standard external floppy drive and allows you to store a massive 1.76MB on a high density disk. Final Copy 2 £47.95 Final Writer 3 £69.95 Mini Office ..£37.95 Pen Pal ....£29.00 Type Smith 2.5 ..£118.95 Pagestream 3 ..£174.95 Wordworth 3.1 SE .£44.95 Wordworth 3.1 ...£79.95 Personal Fonts Maker ....£19.95 Distant Suns 5.0 .£27.95 Vista Pro 3.0 £27.95 Vista Lite (only 2mb required) .£27.95 Makepath for Vista .£9.95 Terraform for Vista .£9.95 Vista, Distant Suns. Final Writer"' can also import, scale, crop, view on screen and output structured Post Script EPS clip-art images (we even include KM) free) to any printer. The program is also capable of reading any database created in Pen Pa PM, Mi Amiga File and File llsg"’ as well as standard ASCII files found in many other common programs.