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They simply illustrate that petitioner had descended to the level of name-calling and foul-language discourse. The station was not suspended for the broast of the monologue, which the U. Supreme Court merely considered indecent speech based on the context in which it was delivered. The monologue was broast at p.m., when children were presumptively in the audience. FCC, establishes the safe harbor period to be from in the evening to in the morning, when the number of children in the audience is at a minimum. and a.m., the broasting of material considered indecent is permitted. and p.m., the broast of any indecent material may be sanctioned.Petitioner could have chosen to contradict and disprove his detractors, but opted for the low road. Twat is an interesting word because it's the only one I know of, the only slang word applying to the, a part of the sexual anatomy that doesn't have another meaning to it. Ah, ass is okay providing you're riding into town on a religious feast day. In this case, the subject speech by petitioner was broast starting p.m.serious detriment to the more overriding interest of public health, public morals, or public welfare. Fuck the ump, fuck the ump, fuck the ump, fuck the ump, fuck the ump. The majority's ruling in this case sets a dangerous precedent.A laissez faire policy on the exercise of religion can be seductive to the liberal mind but history counsels the Court against its blind adoption as religion is and continues to be a volatile area of concern in our country today. It would be nice to change the movies that we already have and substitute the word fuck for the word kill, wherever we could, and some of those movie cliches would change a little bit. Easy on the clutch Bill, you'll fuck that engine again. This decision makes it possible for any television or radio program, on the slightest suspicion of being a danger to national security or on other pretexts, to likewise face suspension.

Its public broast on TV of its religious program brings it out of the bosom of internal belief. But I don't pack no shit cause I don't give a shit. That's a joke when you're a kid with a worm looking out the bird's ass. Thus, the suspension should have been subjected to strict scrutiny following the rule in Chavez v. The test should be strict because the regulation went into the very heart of the rationale for the right to free speech - that speech may not be prohibited just because government officials disapprove of the speaker's views. Even petitioner's attempts to place his words in context show that he was moved by anger and the need to seek retribution, not by any religious conviction. Plain and simple insults directed at another person cannot be elevated to the status of religious speech. MOVIE AND TELEVISION REVIEW AND CLASSIFICATION BOARD, ZOSIMO G. Suffice it to reiterate that the sanction imposed on the TV program in question does not, under the factual milieu of the case, constitute prior restraint, but partakes of the nature of subsequent punishment for past violation committed by petitioner in the course of the broast of the program on August 10, 2004.

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It would, thus, make little sense to embark on another lengthy discussion of the same issues and arguments.

Petitioner's position may be accorded some cogency, but for the fact that it fails to consider that the medium he used to make his statements was a television broast, which is accessible to children of virtually all ages.