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And there is little doubt where the red, white and blue of the Continental Colors came from: the Union Jack of the United Kingdom.The pledge was written by magazine editor Francis Bellamy in 1892 for a nationwide public school celebration of the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s landing.The Senate did not begin daily recital of the pledge until June 24, 1999.Since then, the pledge has become part of the opening rituals of nearly all state and local governmental bodies.

After all, who would really work an extra three months to earn the same pay for the same job as their male counterparts?Well, according to outdated, flawed, and incomplete statistics that say women make only 82 cents on the dollar, compared with men, Equal Pay Day signifies how long into the new year women have to work just to catch up to the earnings of their male counterparts from the previous year.Equal-pay activists have declared April 10 as the approximate Equal Pay Day for 2018, but based on the 82-cent figure, the date should have been March 21.The story cropped up in 1870, almost 100 years after the first flag was supposedly sewn, when William Canby, Ross’ grandson, told the Historical Society of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia that his grandmother made the flag at George Washington’s behest.

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Canby’s sole evidence: affidavits from family members.

In response, Congress passed the Flag Protection Act, but that law was also challenged and wound up in the Supreme Court.