Alex coulson street dating revealed

27-Mar-2020 17:49

The worst thing you can do is act like you’re competing for her …no this will ruin the opportunity as she’ll sense that and know she has more cards to play and you want her more and are willing to compete for her against other guys. You should push her away in a funny way and act like you have other options more appealing than her. *** You can do this by not answering the phone every time she calls; *** When she calls let it ring a little and then say “heya I’m in the middle of something now so you’ll have to be quick what’s up”; *** When you call and have to leave a message DON’T leave a long message always leave a short VAGUE message like ” Hey it’s me … I’m in and out all day so you can try to reach me, if you don’t I’ll talk to you later anyway” Never say your name (she will have caller ID with your name saved in her phone already), don’t remind her where you met her, say to her to give YOU a call back now most women won’t do this (some will) but most won’t however it doesn’t matter it still gives you more cards to play and you’re sub communicating you are a busy man with other options. Women will flake on you when you make plans with them. It is in their nature to test to see whether you’ll accept it.Bars and clubs are the hardest places to meet women.You’re forced to compete with dozens of drunk, pushy guys. You spend a fortune on drinks, cover charge and taxicabs. These girls are easily distracted and will leave you for the dance floor, drinks or the bathroom within seconds!Every day, you probably allow many desirable women to walk right past you, without you even saying word. You’re missing out on countless opportunities to meet gorgeous women, simply because you “don’t know what to say!” What if you knew exactly, word-for-word what to say to start a conversation with women in dozens of situations?

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Or maybe you were worried about sounding “creepy” or getting rejected in front of everyone and feeling embarrassed in public?

Watch LIVE on hidden camera as we approach, meet and get dates with beautiful women on the street, at the mall, the coffee shop; everywhere!

Then listen as we breakdown each interaction and explain everything in step-by-step detail.

What if you could meet attractive women while grabbing a coffee, picking up lunch, traveling to work, or even walking down the street?

As you’re about to see, this is completely possible.I have been featured on TV news programs (Today Tonight), Zoo Magazine, Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, and Triple M radio station.

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