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06-Feb-2020 17:18

With that, it’s only proper to be direct, blunt, and not beat around the bush.

Take Henry, from New Mexico who realized that one of his fellow law school classmates was also dating his “girlfriend,” Emily.

See, as a manners expert, I can usually suss out any and all unmannerly issues, and a love triangle is surely a breeding ground for rude behavior.

Yet even with my astute ability to call bulls—t on jerks of the world, a love triangle is not something that should be tolerated by either parties.

In a scene a la , Blair must choose whether to spend a night in her new apartment with Nate—or in a limo with Chuck as part of their undercover mission. In college, I kissed this guy that one of my friends dated two years prior.

Blair chooses Chuck (big surprise), but when she realizes that he's only doing it to keep her away from Nate, she leaves Chuck high and dry, runs back to Nate, and calls love triangle (still with me? She was seeing someone else already and totally in love with her new boyfriend, so I should've been OK to kiss the old crush, right? I know that's probably breaking a few girl codes, and I still feel somewhat guilty about it.

Don’t give me the old, “But I love them and they love me! When you allow someone to pull you along, it will only make them stray farther and your chances of making it as a couple seem less likely than the New Orleans Pelicans winning the NBA title next year.

It’s like telling a child, “OK, OK, I was really upset at you for eating that cookie when I asked you not to…

When Blair and Chuck arrange for a staged confrontation, Poppy calls Serena a boyfriend-stealer, and makes Gabriel choose between them. Let me start out by saying there is nothing OK about a love triangle.

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