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12-Dec-2020 21:46

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The app market shows no signs of slowing down either. But with the help of these Chatbots, you can have more ways to spend a meeting scheduling chatbot unlike any other. Something along the lines of “Hey XYZ, how does a meeting on Friday at 9 am sound?

In 2018, app revenue reached a staggering One of the critical functions of a Chatbot is its ability to make life easier for its user. ”Your job ends there.picks up on the variables mentioned in the mail; time, schedule, location, channel etc.

If you’ve ever tried to learn a new language, you know it’s a lot easier when you have someone you can talk to in that language.

So Duolingo joined the revolution, by building a chatbot app.

The virtual assistant you choose automatically engages with the recipient in an email thread to set up a meeting, based on your availability and scheduling a paid-product, and prices start at a month.

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You can also practice casual day-to-day interactions like exchanging greetings, talking about the weather, and asking and answering questions about yourself.

Downloaded more than 50 million times, Prisma used AI to transform photos into works of art.

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