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13-Nov-2019 19:20 V9skkq O — Jane Ng (@that Jane Ng) July 24, 2018 While you might be laughing as you read this article and while Esmailli hopes that you do laugh while playing the game, she also explains in the Kickstarter video that she wants players to understand a few important messages.

“I hope players walk away from this game reminded that ISIS is not representative of Islam, and that ISIS f***ing sucks,” she states, “and reminded that not all women orgasm from penetrative sex.” In conclusion: “If you like satire, or clitorises, or telling ISIS to go f**k themselves, then feel free to back this campaign.” To learn more about the game, visit the game’s Kickstarter.

Any violence will be depicted as “cartoonish,” and she writes, “we’re definitely not going to show penetration or anything explicit, so this 100% counts as respectable art and my parents aren’t allowed to get mad at me.” So why would someone make a game like this?

Esmailli writes about her love for her Iranian heritage but also her love of being an American, yet at times she’s felt anxiety towards these identities.

She writes, “These mixed relationships of love and anxiety are the foundational components of The Super Patriotic Dating Simulator.” She also wanted to bring more of a female gaze into the genre of dating sims, and “subvert the sexual oppression that characterizes so much of I***’s politics.” She specifically included ISIS in the story because of American perception of the Middle East.

Esmailli explains, “The Super Patriotic Dating Simulator is a satire about this American perception.

And to clarify: yes, this is a completely legitimate Kickstarter campaign.

It’s a satire of the dehumanizing, inaccurate, atrocious politics of American perception of middle eastern people.” While the game certainly has a shock factor to it, Esmailli writes that her goal is not to make fun of Muslims. We’re mocking I*** itself, and we’re mocking American racism that uses I*** as a representation of Islam and all middle eastern people.

This game is NOT making fun of Islam or Muslim people,” she clarifies on the Kickstarter.

Then new fearless personal projects like this sprout and take my breath away.

Congrats on the KS launch @Karlee Esmailli and team! I love indie games, and my favorite types of games include RPGs, visual novels, and action/adventure.And you find yourself wondering, "Am I okay with the way things are?