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23-Oct-2020 02:19

Will Stanford Yu and his mech, Buddy, be able to measure up with the other cadets when the Sharg attack?

Like a lot of guys my age, I have fond memories of watching Voltron, Robotech, and other Americanized anime featuring giant robots when I was a kid.

The fir Mech Cadet Yu is an enjoyable though predictable take on the classic story of a young boy and his robot.

The first volume follows a typical hero's journey - young Stanford Yu dreams of being a cadet, though he and his mom are the janitors of the school (but shouldn't he be *in* school?

This is my first reading of a giant robot comic and I thought it was good.

It seems aimed at a younger audience, but even readers of a certain age (i.e. There were some nice touches with the protagonist (Yu) and antagonist (Park) toward the end of the book that raised it above other such tales of that type.

But this year, instead of making a connection with a cadet, one of the mechs bonds with Stanford, a young kid working with his Mom as a janitor at Sky Corps.

From there, it's training, conflict with the other cadets, and an attack by the Sharg, the enemy Earth has been using the Mechs to combat for sixty years. It's going to be a tear jerker if Buddy ever gets destroyed.

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